iNeed Help!

iNeed Help!

Learn how to use your Mac, iPhone, iPad

This seminar is closed.
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A fun, interactive 3-session course

You will learn:

• Getting your iPhone, Mac, iPad to work together
• Organizing your Mac for efficiency
• Key features, Apps, Apple ID, iPhone e-mail
• Getting the most out of your iPhone/Mac/iPad
• And much, much more…

• iCal • iPhoto • iTunes • iCloud

Saturdays: May 11th / May 18th / June 1st from 10am-1pm
Great Barrington, MA

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the CONTACT page.
You can also call/ e-mail Tony at 917.573.1348 or

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering in the seminar.

iPhone/ iPad basics

* password protecting your iPhone
* quickest way to find something
* using Siri
* taking pictures
* sharing pictures
* posting to Facebook
* taking a picture of your home screen
* creating new albums
* adding pictures to different albums
* creating space in your life to organize your photos
* setting reminders with Siri
* creating an app icon out of a web page
* creating folders for your apps
* maximizing battery life
* quitting apps when you’re not using them
* turning down brightness on home screen
* using FaceTime
* save image in Safari
* organizing your contacts and putting their data in their places
* typing on your iPhone
* keyboard shortcut to avoid waiting for the voice after people’s messages go off
* add a playlist on your iPhone without having to be in iTunes

Mac basics

* How to setup your address book
* How to connect to the internet
* How to setup an Apple ID
* What is an Apple ID and why is it important to set up
* How to backup your iPhone to your Mac
* How to setup iCloud
* What is iCloud and why is it important
* How to setup “Find my iPhone” locator if you lose your phone
* How to download apps from the app store
* How to take photos off your iPhone and into iPhoto on your Mac
* How to create folders for your photos on your iPhone
* Why you should update your apps
* How to share photos on your iPhone
* Organization tools for your iPhone and mac
* How to setup your iCal so that it syncs with your iPhone, Mac and Google Calendar
* How to setup your iCal so it syncs with your partners
* Apps that I find useful
* How to create an app icon from your favorite website on your iPhone
* For iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users, how to use Siri
* What to do when your iPhone freaks out
* organize desktop

and much more…