Using Twitter for Authors

This article is for authors who want to understand how to use Twitter to promote their book.

If you haven’t heard of Twitter by now, whether or not you use it, I am 99.99% sure you are not reading this article right now. That’s how well-known Twitter is. Whether or not you choose to use this social network is up to you. If you are using it and want to know how to use it further, keep reading. If you really think you can’t do it and/or choose not to, I encourage you to read the rest of this article before completely writing it off.

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7 Tips for Authors New to Social Media

So you’ve written a book. Congratulations! Whether you have a publisher or you’re self publishing, you’re going to need to promote your book. You might have a tour set up which is great but what about when you’re not touring? How do you reach people who want to read your book?

You might have a Facebook page or maybe a Twitter page but use it for more personal use, if at all. Or maybe you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter page. You’ve heard that you can use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to help you with your business though don’t really know where to start.

This article will help you begin to break down the basics of starting a Facebook fan page, Twitter account and how to begin thinking of a strategy to start using them to connect with people who want to read what you’ve written and connect with you. If you don’t create a strategy in promoting through online social channels, your meeting with you publisher might sound something like this…

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