4 Photo Tips for iPhone

Here are 4 useful photo tips when using your iPhone.

Send Multiple Photos

It’s easy to send multiple photos via email, text message or Facebook. Here’s how you do it. First, tap the Photos app, then press Edit (top right corner). Tap the photos you want to send as a group. When you tap a photo, a little red circle with a check in it will appear on the photo (see image below). Once you’ve selected the photos, tap the Share button (bottom left). Choose how you want to send them and you’re done. 

Note: you can only send up to 5 photos at a time via email. You can share up to 9 photos at a time via text message.

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Fairpoint Email Setup on iPad & iPhone

This article will show you how to setup your email on your iPad or iPhone using a Fairpoint.net email address.

Setting up your email account on your iPad and iPhone is relatively straight forward if you’re using a major email service like, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail. To set it up, go to Settings >Mail, Contacts Calendars > Add Account… > fill in name, email & password > Next > Save. Done!

But what if you want your Fairpoint.net email address on your iPad or iPhone? Follow the instructions below to learn how.

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6 Useful iPhone Tips for Daily Use

Here are 6 useful iPhone tips to use on a daily basis. The iPhone is such an incredible and user friendly tool.  That being said, there are simple functions that get overlooked upon first glance. These 6 tips will improve your efficiency with your iPhone so you do less futsing and have more fun. You’ll feel like a pro.

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