alan-tree“Craftsman, technician, artist, homemaker, musician, maybe you’ve been thinking about creating a website or a blog for quite some time, maybe longer than that. Well, do I have a guy for you, Tony Kieraldo at iTech Coaching Inc in Hudson, New York. And no, you won’t have to travel to Hudson, we did all our work together over the phone and by email. Proximity is not an issue. Tony is going to provide you great value, and the skills to match. A colleague of mine recently got a quote on building a website for his firm in Japan, 45 thousand dollars. Now, Tony will do it for a figure somewhat south of this, in fact polar south of this, if my experience is an indicator. The work he just did for me was the best value I have ever gotten from a media person. And there was value added: Tony’s skill, his creativity, and his receptivity to your ideas. He is a rarity in that he listens. You say it and it appears on your screen in a better form than you may have imagined. He illustrates your thinking. I have already recommended Tony to my best friend, and another colleague, and I unhesitatingly recommend him to you. Come on. It’s about time.”

– Alan Bowers, New York City | Alexander Technique Teacher www.alanbowers.com

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 5.15.27 PM“My training session with Tony Kieraldo was without a doubt everything I wanted it to be. His knowledge of Apple systems is vast, and he made our time incredibly fun and gave me tools to make my computer experience much more successful. He even took the time to send me thorough notes on our session, which was fantastic. I definitely highly recommend working with Tony!”

– Tracy Straus, New York City | Associate Artistic Director of National Dance Institute – Executive Artistic Director of Celebrate the Beat

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 5.17.04 PM“Wow!! That was amazing! After just one hour with Tony I feel like I’ve actually joined the 21st century. I have many genius capacities – but technology is not one of them. Tony walked me through setting up the first steps in really using my i-phone (steps that had me hand-wringing, bewildered, frustrated and basically avoiding since I’ve had my iphone and mac – for over 3 years). We laughed, made jokes, he took all kinds of great notes, answered and worked with my very all-over-the-place questions, and suddenly I can finally do all this cool, dynamic stuff I’ve never done before!!! (Facebook, email, apps, music, Apple ID,…). And that was in just one hour. Can’t wait to see everything I can do after another hour!”

– Maia Conty, Great Barrington, MA | Life Coach – Creator, Founding Partner in Women’s Financial Empowerment Series – Co-creator, facilitator of “Walking Our Talk – A Women’s Creation Circle

jan-douglas-horizontalTony got me going on a website I have put off for years. I’ve let everything and anything come before doing this. However, Tony was able to hear my ideas, pry out my goals and philosophy and get them on the page in an attractive, engaging format. Additionally, when I did have input and suggestions he implemented them immediately and with enthusiasm–always positive and productive. The costs for this have been modest according to pricing that has been quoted from others and for this I am grateful. Thanks, Tony, I’m truly pleased with what we’ve created.

– Jan Douglas, New York City | Professional Voice Teacher www.douglasvocalstudio.net